ColognePride 2017

Christopher Street Day (CSD) is a joint demonstration of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, transgenders and intersexuals as well as their friends, friends and all who support them. Our objectives remain the full legal equality and the full recognition of society.

The ColognePride also expresses self-confidence and a sense of life. The fact that we act together and demonstrate the success, the strength and the political and social impact of the CSD.

Since 2003, ColognePride has been setting the stage for a two-week program around the CSD Cologne and is launching this year on 24 June.



The highlight of political expression is again this year the CSD demonstration for diversity. On the one hand, in the memory of the events in Christopher Street 1969, on the other hand, with a view forward, to continue to demonstrate the equality and acceptance of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, transgenders and intersexuals.

Up to 140 cars, countless groups of feet and between 650,000 and 900,000 guests make ColognePride one of the biggest Pride events in Europe every year.

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At the Heumarkt, stars and stars from pop, show and comedy reach out to the stage and ensure a lively atmosphere. The Saturday evening ends here with the solemn and reflective action “Candlelight against the Forgetting”, with which the KLUST and the Aidshilfe Cologne recall the people who died of AIDS in the past years, and the final demonstration of the demonstration on Sunday instead of.

Who is behind the ColognePride?

Hard to believe but true: the overall responsibility for the ColognePride and the CSD Cologne since the beginning has been mainly on honorary shoulders. Founded in 1991, Cologne’s Lesbian and Gay Day, or KLUST, is the second-largest event in Cologne and one of the most successful prides in Europe. 25 years ago, the first CSD took place in Cologne.

“Jot Fründe kumme zosamme” was the first motto, and as such, we are celebrating this year a festive party, discussing, demanding and demonstrating. Countless honorary officers, a full-time branch office manager, as well as five board members and two advisory councils, work for one year, so that Cologne is firmly in the hands of the LGBTQI community for two weeks.

Since the foundation of the KLUST, honorary commitment and a broad anchoring in the Cologne scene determine the action of the association. Apart from many individual members, numerous actors of the local LGBTQI movement characterize the club structure.

What the club is next to the ColognePride, you can read on the other parts of the website.