about the KLuST

who we are

The Cologne Lesbian and Gay Day (KLuST e.V.), founded in 1991, is not only the organizer of the CSD Cologne and the ColognePride, but also acts as a local politician and supraregional.

At the moment, the KLUST has about 300 members (as of April 2017), including private individuals, gay and lesbian caterers and clubs.

Five honorary members of the Executive Board, a team of voluntary supporters work all year for our concerns in Cologne.

The budget for 2015 was about 170,000 euros.

Working areas of KLuST e.V.

The KLuST e.V. conducts municipal policy work throughout the year. For example, we are a member of the urban work community “Lesbian, Gay and Transgender” (Stadt AG) and are in close contact with the Catholics Committee and the numerous associations and institutions of the community in Cologne and the surrounding area.

In addition, the KLuST e.V. organizes discussion sessions, lectures, the RainbowFlash (on 17 May each year) and supports various projects of the community.

We work closely with the city and the administration of Cologne and are members of various associations and organizations. In this way we maintain a close network within and outside the community in order to represent the interests of our members. We provide statements and press releases on LGBTQI-relevant topics and intermingle.

“The City AG” exists as a municipal institution since 2006 and meets several times a year. It advises the City Council of Cologne, its committees, the district representations and the administration on issues affecting lesbians, gays and transgenders. The city council delegates representatives to various committees, for example, in the youth welfare committee or city development committee. The city council sees itself as a language pipe of the LGBTQI community against the municipal politics and administration.

In addition to the KLuST eV, the following associations and institutions are members: Bartmänner eV (Bears), Amigas eV (lesbian entrepreneurs), TX Köln (Transmenschen), anyway eV (youth center), Rubicon (counseling center), lesbian and gay association Germany (LSVD) Local association Cologne, Aidshilfe Cologne eV (prevention), SC Janus eV (sports).

The Catholics Committee has been a Catholic institution of representation since 1947 and is involved in the design of the church, the city and society. He maintains a permanent dialogue with representatives of the KLuST e.V., the social service of Catholic women e.V. SkF and the Aidshilfe Köln and works against discrimination and exclusion. The communication between the gay and lesbian community and the Catholic Church is also strengthened with the help of specially developed joint projects.

In response to the planned (and in the continuation-prevented) participation of a right-wing extremist party at the ColognePride Parade 2013, the campaign “Wir stellen uns trans – Weg mit dem Brett” was created, involving more than 60 clubs, hosts, organizers and companies And who took part with their own car and with great attention at the demo on CSD-Sunday 2013. The project took up the momentum from this action and now uses it all year round to combat the causes of group-related human hostility in the context of reconnaissance work in the community by means of public relations and events. So the so-called “car 99” again in the year 2014 in the demo with.

KLuST e.V. supports this initiative on a regular basis in terms of content and organization.