The two-week ColognePride is made up of a wealth of events. But not all of these events are organized and led by the Cologne Board of Lesbians and Gays (KLuST e.V.). Being the organizer of ColognePride, we here do cooperate with the many organizations that concentrate upon specialist subjects.

Our ambition is to ensure total acessibility!

Unfortunately, even today this isn‘t as easy as we wish. Many locations are located on upper floors and are not equipped with an elevator. Also, many sites and places are not yet barrier-free.

To make your journey to Cologne and your stay as pleasant as possible we will here inform you about possible limitations. In case we have misjudged something we are happy if you let us know.

Cologne Central Station grants barrier-free access everywhere. The service personnel of Deutsche Bahn assist you to get on and off trains with the help of lifts on every platform. All platforms are accessible by wheelchair. All entrances are on ground level, doors are 90cm wide and can be opened at the touch of a button. Platform 1 offers direct access to the Cathedral square (no steps).

Shops and restaurants as well as sanitary facilities can easily be accessed by people with disabilities.

We may advise our guests who are in need of a wheelchair not to choose Cologne Trade Fair / Deutz as destination as this station does not offer barrier-free access. If you have to get of your train there, please take the next train to Cologne Central Station (one stop only).

Cologne Central Station is fitted with an orientation system for blind people in the passages A, B, D and E. In C passage (market hall) there is unfortunately no orientation system for blind people.

Buttons and switches at elevators are fitted with embossed printing.

Cologne Trade Fair / Deutz is also endued with an orientation system for blind people.

The whole area is accessible as are the public transport stops Heumarkt and Alter Markt. A large part of the festival site is paved with cobblestones but is accessible by wheelchair. For guests who are in need of a wheelchair we offer an area next to the main stage in Heumarkt; from here the stage events can be seen on a huge video screen without line-of-sight obstruction. For deaf people the events on main stage and political stage will be translated by a sign language interpreter.

The public restrooms in Heumarkt are wheelchair accessible and suitable for handicapped people. Our meeting point team looks forward to help you in case you have any other questions concerning accessibility.

The two-week ColognePride is made up of a wealth of events. But not all of these events are organized and led by the Cologne Board of Lesbians and Gays (KLuST e.V.).

Every event we will announce on our website will contain information whether the location is (partly) barrier-free or not. If you wish to take part in an event where no accessibility is given, please contact us. We will try to find a solution.

The grand CSD parade takes place on public streets and places. As due to public authorities we cannot guarantee the route of the parade we consequentially cannot ensure total accessibility. Still, we are glad to welcome more and more people with disabilities every year, be it as spectator or partaking in the parade. We’re happy to have you!

The initiative RAR – RICHTIG AM RAND (Right on the rim) gains lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people with disabilities centre stage: concerning our lives, our dreams and our commitment for more acceptance.

Learn more about the group and its activities. Make contact and get tips for your stay at ColognePride.