Unity! Justice! Freedom!

Our motto “Unity! Justice! Freedom!” is food for thought and admonition, it is a demand as well as an expression of appreciation. In its political and combative meaning it shall connect all participants and visitors of ColognePride.

“Unity! Justice! Freedom!” stands for the common values of all people in this country. It is challenge and obligation for all people within and outside of the LGBTIQ* community. These values are the foundation of open and peaceful togetherness in diversity.

Especially in the year of the 30th anniversary of German reunification we want to make this very clear:

Our democratic and constitutional order makes a pluralist and open society possible!

In our country, there is no place for nationalism, racism, homo-, bi-, trans- and interphobia as well as any kind of group-focused enmity!

We will not leave the prerogative of interpretation of these values to the nationalists and populists!
We will occupy these values with our own demands and our own interpretations!
This country is our country! It is our constitution, our national anthem, and our unity!


In our country …

… we will not let anybody discriminate against us!
… we do not want to live in fear!
… we will not tolerate ostracism, lack of respect and brutalization!

Our constitution …

… means human dignity is inviolable!
… means all people are equal before the law!
… means freedom of opinion without limiting the rights of others!

Our national anthem …

… expresses the values of our society!
… since its creation aims for the unity of people and their self-determination!
… by expressing stimulus and hope, it can be the positive soundtrack of a modern and diverse society!

It is our unity …

… because walls in people’s minds can be torn down!
… because democratic protest is successful!
… because differences can be overcome!

Despite success and progress during the recent decades, we are far from having achieved all we aimed for. Even worse, the rights we have won and believed to be safe are questioned openly today!

That’s why (we say):


  • Let’s unite in our fight against discrimination, ostracism and lack of respect!
  • Let’s fight together instead against each other! Unity strengthens us!
  • Let’s unite in all our diversity against right-wing rollback!
  • Let’s close ranks within the LGBTIQ* community! Respect differences!
  • Let’s show solidarity throughout all social groups!


  • The right to dignity, equality and non-violence!
  • Equal rights for all: LGBTIQ* rights are human rights!
  • The right to self-determination of gender identity!
  • Minority rights have effect on society as a whole!
  • We have fought hard for our rights! Let us protect them!


  • For freedom from fear and brutalization of society, for freedom of opinion!
  • Everyone shall be the person one wants to be and shall have the possibility to develop in one’s very own style!
  • My freedom shall only be limited where it would limit yours!
  • Freedom needs open space for all kinds of lifeworlds!
  • Freedom is our greatest asset! So let us defend it!