During the 2012 ColognePride, the Cologne Association of Lesbians and Gays (KLuST e.V.) initiated „Consciousness ColognePride Outreach Program“ (or to put it simply: „Proud Invitation“). This program shall enable LGBTIQ* activists and organisers of Pride events in other countries to visit Cologne on ColognePride weekend and to shape and live this event with us. The very idea behind it is to invite people from countries with rather difficult political conditions , people who continuously have to fight for the acceptance of LGBTIQ* rights.

Their stays with us shall help getting to know each other, to discuss, to learn from each other and to build bridges. These visits shall encourage activists to continue their local work and shall show them that we‘re with them! We want to express our respect and encouragement and threngthen the work of activists of all lands!

The appearances of these activists on stage (Politurbühne at Alter Markt) are a integral part of Pride weekend. They tell us about the political situation in their home countries, about their lives and work.


Barbara Barth

Barbara Barth

Anbid Zaman

Cheryl Dowtin