Jens Pielhau, Ina Wolf, Barbara Barth, Oliver Lau, Natalie Hagen, Martin Hommel and Patrick Gloe

The areas of activity were delegated among members and chairman of the board as follows:

Jens Pielhau und Barbara Barth

Sponsoring / Cooperation
Jens Pielhau und Uwe Weiler

Natalie Hagen und Uwe Weiler

Public Relations
Ina Wolf und Oliver Lau

Human Ressources
Jens Pielhau und Natalie Hagen

Jens Pielhau und Hugo Winkels

StadtAG (Municipal working group)
Ina Wolf und Jens Pielhau

Patrick Gloe und Uwe Weiler

Barbara Barth & Ina Wolf

International relations
Barbara Barth und Uwe Weiler

Membership issues
Patrick Gloe und Uwe Weiler

Preparation of general meetings
Uwe Weiler

Social Media
Ina Wolf und Uwe Weiler

Natalie Hagen und Barbara Barth

Barbara Barth  und Ina Wolf

Patrick Gloe und Ina Wolf

Patrick Gloe und Uwe Weiler

Technique (CSD street festival)
Martin Hommel und Uwe Weiler

Stages (artistic content)
Uwe Weiler

Protection of data privacy
Barbara Barth

Contact to Parade organization teams
Oliver Lau und Martin Hommel

Event manager CSD street festival
Martin Hommel

Since 6 November 2018 KLuST e.V. has a new board which was elected on the first ballot. Members of the board are Jens Pielhau, Ina Wolf, Barbara Barth, Oliver Lau, Natalie Hagen, Martin Hommel and Patrick Gloe. The board took up work immediately after the constituent meeting. It ensures open and professional work for the LGBTIQ* community and friends on a high level, by engagement and expert knowledge. It is of great importance to the board to onvolve the whole community.

Since 1 January 2019 KLuST e.V. has a salaried secretary. Apart from being in charge of the staffed office, our longtime member and former chairman of the board Uwe Weiler oversees several other subjects and advises the board in all issues.