Voluntary workis fundamental for the organization of ColognePride as well as Christopher Street Day in Cologne. To make these events a success we are dependent on hundreds of voluntary helping hands. In the following we give you an overview of our largest voluntary teams during CSD. Maybe you would like to join in?!

The Meeting Point next to the main stage is not only our “Welcome!” to all visitors of the street festival. It is rather theplace to get answers to all questions concerning the street festival and the parade: where to find this exhibition, where is the next party and where do I find this or that information booth? Whether people ask which tram to take to get somewhere or want to know what’s next on the agenda –  the volunteers explain all this with full commitment, in all possible languages and having a lot of fun doing it! You need neither be a specialist on Cologne tourism nor an old hand concerning ColognePride to help here. But if you are a friendly person and like talking to our guests we are looking forward to your support.

Without the “parade angels” there would be no parade – we just cannot do without them! In the parade there are about 30.000 participants and about 50 trucks and cars, with 1.000.000 spectators celebrating them. The parade angels guarantee the parade’s success, as they make sure that every participant knows where to go and everything goes smoothly. They are the mere extension of the parade’s organizers. Experience or previous knowledge isn’t necessary, as your will be trained and instructed into your tasks as well about the parade’s schedule. This instruction takes place on CSD’s Friday and takes about two hours. On parade Sunday you should be available all day.

Volunteers, working staff and performing artists are bustling about the backstage area behind the main stage on Heumarkt, and many of our guests meet here as well. The backstage team provides clear tables and supports the bar crew. Previous experience in catering is welcome but not necessarily required. There’s always a lot to do but you will surely have a good time and enjoy yourself and maybe even take a selfie with one of our stage acts! Many volunteers are part of our little street festival family for many years. Your voluntary work will be rewarded with our CSD volunteers shirt (of the actual volunteering section you’re working at) as well as being provided food and (non-alcoholic) drink. Also, all volunteers are cordially invited to our thank-you party!

You would like to support us? Great! Please contact us!


Patrick Gloe

Patrick Gloe
+49 221 95624192